The SFF has organised several conferences as well as sponsoring other events and collaborating with sister organisations. Below is a list of past and present activities.


Speaking Science Fiction

Conference organised jointly by the SFF and the University of Liverpool to celebrate the re-opening of the SFF Collection. A volume of essays was published as Speaking Science Fiction: Dialogues and Interpretations, eds. Andy Sawyer and David Seed (Liverpool University Press, 2000).


A Celebration of British Science Fiction

Conference organised by the SFF. A selection of essays was published in Foundation 93 (2005), edited by Andrew M. Butler, Farah Mendlesohn and Andy Sawyer; simultaneously published in the Foundation Studies series.


The Matter of Britain

The SFF organised the academic track at the 63rd Worldcon. A selection of the papers can be read here



Out of This World: Science Fiction But Not as You Know It

British Library exhibition on science fiction guest-curated by Andy Sawyer, SFF Librarian. Read the press release here. See Mark Kermode's feature for BBC 2's Culture Show and China Mieville's tour of the exhibition for BBC News.



Swords, Sorcery, Sandals and Space: Fantastika and the Classical World

Three-day conference held at the University of Liverpool's Foresight Centre. Organised on behalf of the SFF by Tony Keen. A selection of papers was published in Foundation 118 (2014).


Diversity in Speculative Fiction

Academic track at Loncon3, the 72nd Worldcon (14-18 August), sponsored by the SFF. Organised by Emma England. Selections of papers were published in Foundation 121 and Foundation 122 (both 2015).


Strangers in Strange Lands


Two-day conference on science fiction and anthropology, held at the University of Kent, and part-funded by the SFF. A conference report was published in Foundation 120 (2015) followed by a version of Gwyneth Jones's keynote, 'Aliens in the 21st Century', in Foundation 125 (2016).


Science Fiction Research Association 

The University of Liverpool and the SFF Collection played host to the annual SFRA conference. Organised by Chris Pak and Will Slocombe. A conference report was published in Foundation 124 (2016).



77th Worldcon at Dublin


The SFF sponsored a science poster competition as part of the academic track. Organised by Shana Worthen.


Sum Tyms Bytin Sum Tyms Bit

Online celebration of Russell Hoban's Riddley Walker, part-funded by the SFF. The sessions can be viewed here and the video contributions by, amongst others, SFF patron Neil Gaiman can be viewed here. A recording of Amy Cutler's live performance is available here. Organised by Andrew M. Butler, Feral Practice, Paul March-Russell and Sonia Overall.

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