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When It Changed: Women in SF/F since 1972


This is the programme schedule of the SFF 2022 conference in partnership with the University of Glasgow's Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic and the Games and Gaming Lab. All times given are GMT UK. If you would like to attend, you can purchase tickets via Ticket Tailor at:


Both the pre- and post-conference activities are free to attend on purchase of a ticket. All enquiries can be sent to the conference organizers: Paul March-Russell ( and Kathryn Heffner (

Friday, 2 December

18.20  Introduction (Paul March-Russell and Katie Heffner)

18.30  Keynote 1 – Lisa Yaszek (Georgia Institute of Technology): ‘A Brief History of Gender and Genre in the

           SF Anthology’

19.30  BREAK

19.40  Panel: The Work of Vonda McIntyre (chair: Una McCormack)

           Panellists: Nicola Griffith, Kate Macdonald, Nisi Shawl

20.50  CLOSE

Saturday, 3 December

10.30  Introduction (Paul March-Russell)

10.45  Panel 1: Singularities

           Nick Hubble (Brunel): ‘Are you sure you can tell the difference between something dying and

           something being born?' 

           Jonathan Thornton (Liverpool): ‘Posthuman Embodiment in Gwyneth Jones’ Aleutian Trilogy’

           Sarah Lohmann (Tubingen): ‘Unworlding and Ecogothic Estrangement in Le Guin and Darcie Little


           Panel 2: Motherhood and the Environment

           Abi Curtis & Liesl King (York St John): ‘Speculative Fiction and Women's Writing’

           Paul Mitchell & Emilio Ramon Garcia (Universidad Católica de Valencia San Mártir): ‘Sex-Gender   

           Identity, Motherhood and Nonhuman Alterity in the SF of Elia Barcelo’

           Beth Aherne (University College Cork): ‘The Family and Environmental Decline in Parable of the Sower


12.00  BREAK

12.15  Keynote 2 - Cheryl Morgan (Independent): 'Something in the Air?'

13.20  LUNCH

14.00  Panel 3: Temporalities

           Andrew M. Butler (Canterbury Christ Church): ‘Ecstatic Draughts: Ellen Gallagher’s Aquatopia’

           Rachel C. Pittman (University of North Carolina Wilmington): ‘Making Mr Right’s Ironic Nostalgia as

           Feminist Retrofuturism’

           Beatriz Hermida Ramos (Universidad de Salamanca): ‘Narrating Sapphic Futures in This is How to     

           Lose the Time War

           Panel 4: Cyborg Identities

           Tristan Sheridan (Florida State University): ‘Reading Transness in Autonomous

           Laura Larrodera Arcega (University of Zaragoza): ‘Bot Narratives of Gender Transformation and

           Transgression in Autonomous

           Agnieszka Podruczna (University of Silesia): ‘Re-Visioning the Cyborg in Larissa Lai’s “Rachel”’

15.15  BREAK

15.25  Panel 5: Vandana Singh

           Sara Martin (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona): ‘Vandana Singh’s Complex Case’

           Debaditya Mukhopadhyay (Manikchak College/University of Gourbanga): ‘Vandana Singh’s

           “Speculative Manifesto” and Arati Kadav’s Cargo

           Panel 6: Representing Disability

           Colleen Etman (University of South Carolina): ‘Finding Autistic Representation in Anne McCaffrey’s

           Acorna Series’

           Clare Moore (Independent): ‘Megan Whalen Turner’s Disability Representation in The Queen’s Thief


16.20  Panel 7: The View from Brazil

           Andreya S. Seiffert (Independent): ‘How Judith Merril’s First and Last Stories Connect SF’s Past, Present

           and Future’

           Frank R. Lopes (Universidade de São Paulo): ‘Ursula K. Le Guin as Turning Point’

           Elton Luiz Aliandro Furlanetto (Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul): ‘Marge Piercy and Her

           Ideas of Motherhood’

           Panel 8: Female Utopias

           Peyton Campbell (Western University): ‘Queer SF and Utopian Insurgency’

           Amy Bouwer (Nottingham): ‘Queer “Whileaway” or “For-A-While”? Lesbian Separatism in

           Contemporary Women’s SF’

           Angela Lopez-Garcia (University of Murcia): ‘Naomi Alderman’s The Power and the Disavowal of Post-

           Patriarchal Utopias’

17.35 BREAK

17.45  Panel 9: Introducing Gold SF (chair: Una McCormack)

           Panellists: S.J. Groenewegen, Gabrielle Malcolm, Hoa Pham, Jessy Randall

           Panel 10: Fan Communities

           Alexis Lothian (University of Maryland): ‘Slash Fan Fiction and the Racial Politics of Feminist Fantasy’

           Kristina Busse (Independent): ‘Paranormal Romance, Sexual Violence, and the Politics of Desire’

           Emma French (Glasgow): ‘The Summer of Aabria: Marginal Identities, Accessibility, and Transformative

           Storytelling in Actual Play’

19.00 CLOSE

Sunday, 4 December

10.40  Introduction (Paul March-Russell)

10.45  Panel 11: Bodies

           Zoe L. Tongue (Leeds): ‘Reproduction in Feminist SF by Octavia Butler and Laura Lam’

           Jasmine Sharma (Delhi): ‘Interrogating Corporeality and Techno-Bodies in The Handmaid’s Tale

           Amrita Sitaraman (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): ‘Traded Bodies in Manjula

           Padmanabhan’s Harvest

           Panel 12: After Patriarchy

           Domenico Di Rosa (Glasgow): ‘Naomi Mitchison's Revision of “Pure” Science and Phallic Utopias in

           Solution Three

           Maria Victoria Fuentes Del Rio (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela): ‘The post-patriarchal world

           of Connie Willis’ “Even the Queen”’

           Ciaran Kavanagh (University College Cork): ‘Shunning Seriousness: Eye-rolls, The Emperor’s New

           Clothes and We Who Are About To…

12.00  BREAK

12.10  Panel 13: The Maternal Body Problem

           Amy C. Chambers (Manchester Metropolitan): ‘Bodies, Babies and Bioethics in Claire Denis’ High Life

           Anna McFarlane (Leeds): ‘Pregnancy and Maternity in Doris Lessing’s The Fifth Child

           C. Palmer-Patel (Independent): ‘Unpacking Anxieties of Infertility and Abortion in 1980s Fantasy’

           Panel 14: Gyn/Ecologies

           E. Anne Dawson (York St John): ‘SF and Horror as Safe Spaces for Birth and Pregnancy Narratives’

           Jamie Uy (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore): ‘"The New Eve": The Techno-Pastoral Ideal

           in Han May’s Star Sapphire

           Giulia Verardi (University of Perpignan): ‘Ecological Science Fiction in the Time of the


13.20 LUNCH

14.00  Keynote 3 – Joy Sanchez-Taylor (LaGuardia Community College, CUNY): ‘Witches/Brujas and SF/F


15.05  BREAK

15.15  Panel 15: Post-Apocalyptic Futures

           Julia Lindsay (University of Georgia): ‘Apocalypse in the Delta: Institutional and Environmental Racism

           in Sherri Smith’s Orleans

           Ruth Myers (University of Georgia): ‘Intersectional Communities as Revolutionary in Justina Ireland’s

           Dread Nation Series’

           Hannah V. Warren (University of Georgia): ‘Revisioning Forced Reproduction in Meg Elison’s The Book

           of the Unnamed Midwife’ 

           Panel 16: Curating SF

           Jeremy Brett (Texas A&M University): ‘“Blame the Archive”: Attracting Fans and Fanworks to Libraries

           and Archives’

           Cait Coker (University of Illinois): ‘Gender, Genre and the Limits of the Archive’

           Phoenix Alexander (University of California, Riverside): ‘Excessive Corpse: The Radical SF of Jody


16.25  BREAK

16.35  Panel 17: Did It Change?

           Robin Anne Reid (Independent): ‘Racism in SF/F in the 21st Century’

           Amelie Hurkens (Uppsala University): ‘The Distorted Democratization of the SF/F Award’

           Rachel Harrison (Dundee): ‘The Women Men Did Not See’

           Panel 18: Ancient and Classical Influences

           Wendy Gay Pearson (University of Western Ontario): ‘Gender in Jo Walton’s Thessaly Trilogy’

           Taryne Jade Taylor (Florida Atlantic University): ‘Feminist Ancestral Feminisms in Latinx SF/F’

           Elena Pasquini (Aberdeen): ‘Theodora Goss: Female Monsters Speak Up’


           - to be followed by post-conference socializing/networking in which members of the Beyond Gender

          Collective will read selections from the Khatru symposium on 'women and sf'

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