Donations to the SFF

The Science Fiction Foundation is grateful for the donations of funds and material which it receives from time to time. This page is to say 'thank you' to the people who have contributed so generously to support our objects.

Material donated may be taken into the Collection, sold to raise funds, or donated to other organisations whose objects we support.

Donations and bequests to the SFF in 2012 include:

- Peter Mabey -  Peter donated about 300 books for the benefit of the Collection. About thirty were taken into the collection, and the rest  sold for its benefit.

- Keith Morris -  Keith donated about 270 books, the majority of which were sold, together with a very considerable number of graphic novels, art books, sf comics and sf media magazines which collectively represent a major enhancement to our holdings in these areas.

- Dave Cox - Dave was well known and liked in British fandom, and passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in October 2012. He will be greatly missed. He bequeathed about 55 boxes of books to the SFF. This included material of use to the Collection, including both books and memorabilia from his many years of attending science fiction conventions. This material is currently being catalogued, and the remainder sold for the benefit of the SFF.

Donations and bequests to the SFF in 2011 include:

- Lionel 'Lan' Wright - Lionel donated his collection of SF magazines to support the Collection. The collection was sold and the money used to enhance and preserve the Collection's holdings of sf magazines.

Donations and bequests to the SFF in 2010 include:

- David Lally - David donated £750 to support the Collection. The money will be used to digitise and preserve recordings and videos made at science fiction conventions and other public events.

- Sarah Biggs - Sarah donated a number of books to the Collection, by her deceased husband, Rob Holdstock.

- Nik Pollard - Nik donated about four thousand books and magazines. About a thousand were taken into the Collection - some individual items are shown on the Nik Pollard donation page.

- Harry Harrison - Harry donated a significant quantity of personal material, including manuscripts and correspondence.

- John Birchby - John, who died in May, bequeathed his collection of books and magazines to the SFF. About 60 books were taken into the Collection.

Donations in 2009

- Tom Milne

- Ken Slater

- Mike Simpson

- John Brosnan

- LiYi Brunner - correspondence archive


Donations by the SFF

From time to time the Science Fiction Foundation donates funds and material to other organisations whose objectives we support.

Donations made in 2010 include:

The University of Warwick Science Fiction and Fantasy Society - their website is at - about 300 books to their library.

SF Outreach - about 1,000 books to the SF Outreach effort co-ordinated by James Bacon.