The Latest Issue

Foundation 142, 51.2 (summer 2022)

Paul March-Russell: Editorial

Symposium - That Was the Future That Was

Andrew M. Butler: Science Fiction at a Crossroads?

Mark P. Williams: New Worlds Quartered, or 70s Britain Drawn 

Tom Dillon: Desiderio at the Crossroads

Una McCormack: When the Subject Changed

Mark Bould: Ghetto Jazz Mumbo Jumbo

Brian Baker: The Blue Marble - Art and Pop in the Space Age

Alison Sperling: The Word for World in 1972

Anna McFarlane: Cyberpunk 1972

Fiona Moore: Doctor Who, The Stone Tape and the Search for British Identity

Paul March-Russell: Once in Europa


Christopher Priest: The Fourfold Library (16): John Wyndham, The Day of the Triffids

Paul March-Russell: The Foundations of Foundation (1972-1986)

Tony Keen: Exhibition Review - Bryan Talbot's Luther Arkwright

Book Reviews
Prema Arasu: Katherine E. Bishop et al, eds. Plants in Science Fiction
Ian Ellison: Joseph S. Norman, The Culture of 'The Culture'
Rebecca Jones: Una McCormack and Regina Yung Lee, eds. Biology and Manners: Essays on the Worlds and Works of Lois McMaster Bujold

Thomas Knowles: Alison Sperling, ed. Climate Fictions

Rob Mayo: Gavin Miller, Science Fiction and Psychology

Eleanor Armstrong: Aifric Campbell, The Love Makers

Jeremy Brett: Arkady Martine, A Desolation Called Peace

Paul March-Russell: M. John Harrison, Settling the World and The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again