The Latest Issue

Foundation 137, 49.3 (winter 2020)

Paul March-Russell: Editorial

Jonathan Hay: Novum Decay: Moving Beyond Humanism in Source Code

Andrew Milner: Utopia in Recent Climate Change Fiction: MaddAddam, MAEVA! and New York 2140

Aris Mousoutzanis: The Biopolitics of the Android in Humans

Joe Street: Do Bounty Hunters Dream of Black Sheep?: Reading Race into Philip K. Dick

Jo Lindsay Walton: Estranged Entrepreneurs and the Meaning of Money in Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom


Andreas Eschbach: The Fourfold Library (12): Perry Rhodan

Sonja Fritzsche, Paul Kincaid and Adam Roberts: Whose History is it Anyway?

Conference Reports

Emily Cox-Palmer-White: Cyberpunk Culture 2020

Graham Head: Beyond Borders: Empires, Bodies, Science Fictions

Book Reviews
Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay: Ian Campbell, Arabic Science Fiction
Rhodri Davies: Jim Clarke, Science Fiction and Catholicism
Pawel Frelik: William Davies, ed. Economic Science Fictions

Sobia Kiran: Gerry Canavan and Eric Carl Link, eds. The Cambridge History of Science Fiction

Jeremy Brett: Rivers Solomon, The Deep

Nick Hubble: Tamsyn Muir, Gideon the Ninth

Allen Stroud: Emma Newman, Atlas Alone

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