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The Latest Issue

Foundation 144, 52.1 (spring 2023)

Paul March-Russell: Editorial 

Dan Anthony and Jeff Wallace: Words Without End: Lionel Fanthorpe's Science Fiction Revisited

Tom Dillon: A Brief History of New Worlds in Four Forms

Mike Ryder: The Literature of Drones: Ethics and Remote Killing in Ender's Game

Andreya S. Seiffert: Flirting with Technocracy: The Evolution of John B. Michel's Views in Science Fiction and Politics


Paul March-Russell: Exhibition Review - The Horror Show!

Graham Head: Conference Report - SF + Extraction

Book Reviews
Rawad Alhashmi: Ian Campbell, ed. Science Fiction in Translation
Molly Cobb: D. Harlan Wilson, Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination

Niall Harrison: Mike Ashley, The Rise of the Cyberzines

Ciaran Kavanagh: John Rieder, Speculative Epistemologies

Paul Kincaid: Richard Howard, Space for Peace: Fragments of the Irish Troubles in Bob Shaw and James White

Sasha Myerson: William O. Gardner, The Metabolist Imagination

Mia Chen Ma: Xueting Christine Ni, ed. Sinotopia 

James Gillham: Kazuo Ishiguro, Klara and the Sun

Graham Head: Calvin Kasulke, Several People are Typing

Ksenia Shcherbino: Bo Young Kim, On the Origin of Species and Other Stories

Media Reviews

Nick Davie: David Cronenberg, dir. Crimes of the Future

Cait Coker: Rings of Power (season 1)

Leimar Garcia-Siino: The Sandman (season 1)

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