The Latest Issue

Foundation 136, 49.2 (summer 2020)

Paul March-Russell: Editorial

Katie Stone: Living a Science-Fictional Life: The Creation of James Tiptree Jr.

Heather Osborne: Guest Editorial: Canadian Science Fiction

Vera Benczik: 'A heap of broken images': Objecthood, Apocalypse and Memory in Station Eleven

Isabelle Fournier: Dehumanising the Posthuman in Laurent McAllister and Robert J. Sawyer

Kirsten Bussiere: Beginning at the End: Indigenous Survivance in Moon of the Crusted Snow

Paul Fayter: 'Some Eden lost in space': Contextualising Frederick Philip Grove's 'The Legend of the Planet Mars'

Freya Verlander: Midnight Robber: Matriarchy and Accumulation on a Two-World Scale?


Gerry Canavan, Jennifer Cooke and Caroline Edwards: Apocalypse Now: Covid-19 and the SF Imaginary

Geoff Ryman: The Fourfold Library (11): Thomas Burnett Swann, 'The Manor of Thorns'

Book Reviews
Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay: Chris Pak, Terraforming
Paul March-Russell: Russell Blackford, Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination
Rob Mayo: Jason Barr, Video Gaming in Science Fiction

Heather Osborne: Amy Ransom and Dominick Grace, eds. Canadian Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Kevin Power: Rhys Williams and Mark Bould, eds. M. John Harrison: Critical Essays
Aren Roukema: Conor Reid, The Science and Fiction of Edgar Rice Burroughs

Lars Schmeink: Isiah Lavender III, Afrofuturism Rising

Sara Wenger: Jerry Rafiki Jenkins, The Paradox of Blackness in African American Vampire Fiction
Jeremy Brett: John Sladek, New Maps

Michael Godhe: Edwina Attlee et al, eds. Gross Ideas

Katie Heffner: Margaret Atwood, The Testaments

Peter Sands: Tade Thompson, The Wormwood Trilogy

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