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The Latest Issue

Foundation 147, 53.1 (spring 2024)

Paul March-Russell: Editorial 

Sue Dawes: Communicating Gender: A Creative-Critical Approach to Pronouns in Speculative Fiction

Domenico Di Rosa: Naomi Mitchison's Revision of 'Pure' Science and Phallic Utopias in Solution Three

Eyal Soffer: Machiavelli in Space: Princely Attributes in Isaac Asimov's Foundation

Veronica Wilson: The Oracles of Ancient Greece in David Brin, C.J. Cherryh and James Tiptree Jr.


David Agranoff: 'Can I tell you a story?': The Impact of Dorothy Fontana on 20th Century Science Fiction

Abi Curtis: The Fourfold Library (18): Ted Chiang, 'Story of Your Life' and Denis Villeneuve, dir. Arrival

Paul March-Russell: Review Essay: Apres le Deluge?

Sheldon Teitelbaum: In Memoriam: Emanuel Lottem (1944-2024)

Book Reviews
Gautam Bhatia: Niall Harrison, All These Worlds: Essays and Reviews

Dan Hartland: John Clute, Sticking to the End

Shraddha A. Singh: Andrew Milner and J.R. Burgmann, Science Fiction and Climate Change

Shinjini Dey: Ray Nayler, The Mountain in the Sea

Tom Dillon: Isabel Waidner, Corey Fah Does Social Mobility

Media Reviews

Jeremy Brett: Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, dirs. Nimone and Juel Taylor, dir. They Cloned Tyrone

Beatrice Steele: Greta Gerwig, dir. Barbie

Chris Deacy: Yorgos Lanthimos, dir. Poor Things and Mahalia Belo, dir. The End We Start From

Jamie Woodcock: Black Knight (season 1)

Ryan Coogan: Doctor Who (60th anniversary specials)

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