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The Latest Issue

Foundation 134, 48.3 (winter 2019)

Paul March-Russell: Editorial


Shakespeare and Science Fiction - special section

Sarah Annes Brown: Guest Editorial

Kinga Foldvary: Fragmented Shakespeare in SF TV: The Case of Westworld

Berit Astrom: Shakespeare and 'Shakespeare' in Justin Cronin and Emily St John Mandel

Margaret Maurer: 'The undiscovered country': Shakespeare, Star Trek and Intertextual Allusion in Station Eleven

Ronan Hatfull: 'Shakespeare in the Park'?: Shakespeare and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Peter Byrne: Shakespeare in Fallout (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bard)

Sarah Annes Brown: 'Is this the promised end?': Shakespeare and Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction


Sam J. Miller: The Fourfold Library (9): Avatar: The Last Airbender

Paul Kincaid: So How Do You Write a Review?

David Ketterer: The Complete Midwich Cuckoos: A Further Discovery

Conference Reports

Lucy Nield: CRSF 2019

Jim Clarke: Fantastic Religions and Where to Find Them

Oliver Rendle: Embodying Fantastika

Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay: Dale Knickerbocker, ed. Lingua Cosmica
Amandine Faucheux: Alexis Lothian, Old Futures
Craig Ian Mann: Dahlia Schweitzer, Going Viral
Rob Mayo: Marianne Kac-Vergne, Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema
Hugh Charles O'Connell: Aimee Bahng, Migrant Futures

Tara B. Smith: Kieran Tranter, Living in Technical Legality
Jeremy Brett: Emma Newman, Before Mars
Rachel Hill: Becky Chambers, Record of a Spaceborn Few and Kameron Hurley, Apocalypse Nyx

Katie Stone: Ana Simo, Heartland
Sean Weaver: Sam J. Miller, Blackfish City

Brian Willems: Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Moon

D. Harlan Wilson: Simon Sellars, Applied Ballardianism