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SFF AGM Guest of Honours


The following list is of our Guests of Honour at the SFF's annual AGM held in partnership with the BSFA's annual AGM. Our mini-conventions run every summer, usually in June or July. At these events, we have the pleasure of hosting some of the leading names in science, science fiction and fandom. Please become a member so you can meet and hear some of these amazing people in conversation!

2002: M. John Harrison  

2003: Kim Newman

2004: Alastair Reynolds and Liz Williams

2005: Karen Traviss

2006: Stephen Baxter and Bruce Sterling

2007: Francis Spufford

2008: Geoff Ryman

2009: Paul Kincaid

2010: Rob Shearman

2011: Mike Ashley

2012: Aliette de Bodard

2013: Gaie Sebold

2014: Jo Fletcher

2015: Brian Aldiss and Pat Cadigan

2016: David A. Hardy

2017: Stephanie Saulter

2018: Rob Hansen

2019: Rachael Livermore

2021: John Clute

2023: Harry Josephine Giles and Roz Kaveney

2024: Nina Allan

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