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Applications are invited twice a year to the Science Fiction Foundation for a £250 bursary that can be put towards the cost of a research visit to the SFF Collection at the University of Liverpool. The maximum that can be awarded at any one time is £250, and does not include additional travel expenses. Preference will be given to those not normally resident in Liverpool and its region.

Please send a proposal of your planned research to either the journal editor, education officer or SFF librarian (see Contacts). It should consist of the following details: your name, email and/or phone, academic status (independent scholar, PhD student, lecturer), and a clear description of your reasons, aims and objectives for researching in the SFF Collection. 


The deadlines for applications are 15th April and 15th October. Decisions will be made at the next committee meeting, roughly one month after the respective deadline, and communicated to the applicants. Proposals will be judged on a case by case basis according to the needs of the applicant and merit of the research. Enquiries about the bursary may be sent to the SFF's education officer, Dr David Clements, at 

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