In 2005 the Science Fiction Foundation co-ordinated an Academic Track on "The Matter of Britain" for Interaction, the 63rd worldcon. There were almost fifty papers delivered, over three days. The following are just a few of these papers. We hope that others will be added at a later date. The full programme can be found at:

Contents List

Sylvia Kelso: The Green Knight's Progeny: Medieval And Modern Romance(S)

Andrew May: Parsifal as Proto-SF

Tania Scott: Pegana and Ireland: the fantastic realms of Lord Dunsany.

Peter Christensen: John Dee and the Matter of Britain - Fantasy, History, and Science Fiction

Elizabeth Lloyd-Kimbrel: Come Again? The Contexts Of Bryher's Visa for Avalon

Maureen Kincaid Speller: Fusion with a land rescued me: landscape and presence in the writings of Alan Garner

Paul Kincaid: Singling out the duplications in The Separation

Dianne Newell and Jenea Tallentire: Translating Science Fiction: Judith Merril in Japan

Tony Keen: I, Cartagia: a mad emperor in Babylon 5 and his historical antecedents

Jim Walker: Urdu Science Fiction - Where Is It?

Michelle Reid: Postcolonial Science Fiction

Sandra Singer: "So Long Been Dreaming: How Does the Subaltern Speak?"