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SFF: Publications : Christopher Priest: The Interaction

Christopher Priest: The Interaction

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The critic John Clute has declared that Christopher Priest writes "multi-faceted novels constructed like houses of mirrors". These novels skirt along the edges of the science fiction genre. He has won the British Science Fiction Association Award for Inverted World (1974), The Extremes (1998) and The Separation (2002), the latter also gaining the Arthur C. Clarke Award. His gaslight romance The Prestige (1995) took both the World Fantasy Award and the James Tait Black Memorial Award.

This collection examines his novels from his debut, Indoctrinaire (1970), to The Separation, as well as his short stories and his non-fiction published in venues such as Foundation and Speculation. It also includes an interview with Christopher Priest.

The contributors are: Andrew M. Butler, Gilles Dumay, Nick Hubble, Paul Kincaid, Nicholas Ruddick, Andy Sawyer, Graham Sleight, Victoria Stewart, Thomas Van Parys and Matthew Wolf-Meyer.

Publication details:

Christopher Priest: The Interaction is edited by Andrew M. Butler, with a cover by Colin Odell. Published by the Science Fiction Foundation in August 2005. ISBN: 0-903007-07-X. Paperback, 185pp, 148 x 210 mm.

The SF Foundation is now offering The Interaction at the discount rate of £1 (plus p&p). Purchasers should contact to order.