Foundation 106



  • Graham Sleight: Editorial
  • Cecelia Holland: On Historical Fiction


  • Umberto Rossi: Radio Free PKD
  • Johan Hoglund: Hollywood and the Imperial Gothic
  • Julia Round: Cryptomimetic Tropes in Yoshinori Natsume's Batman: Death Mask
  • Martin Colebrook: The Vampyre, The Wampir, and the Vampire


  • Patrick Parrinder: H G Wells in Nature, 1893-1946, ed John S Partington
  • Andy Sawyer: H G Wells, Interdisciplinary Essays, ed Steven McLean
  • David McWilliam: The City and the City by China Mieville
  • Sue Thomason: Impossibilia by Douglas Smith
  • Ria Cheyne: The Margarets by Sherri S Tepper
  • Vernon Speed: Slow Sculpture by Theodore Sturgeon
  • Sandor Klapcsik: The Savage Humanists, ed Fiona Kelleghan
  • Ben Jeapes: Keeper of Dreams by Orson Scott Card
  • David Seed: Red Planets, ed Mark Bould and China Mieville
  • Claire Parody: Makers by Cory Doctorow
  • Iain Emsley: Cyberabad Days by Ian McDonald