Foundation issues

Number 102, Spring 2008



  • Graham Sleight: Editorial
  • John Clute: Fantastika in the World Storm


  • Jolene McCann: Judith Merril's Spaced Out Library
  • Dale Knickerbocker: Science, Religion, and Indeterminacy in Juan Miguel
  • Aguilera's La locura de Dios (The Folly of God)
  • Michael Levy: Images of Masculinity in the Recent Fiction of David Almond
  • C. W. Sullivan III: Heinlein's Juveniles: Space Opera vs. ?The Right Stuff?
  • Antony G. Keen: Alternate Histories of the Roman Empire in Stephen Baxter, Robert Silverberg and Sophia McDougall


  • Andy Sawyer: The Reception of H. G. Wells in Europe, Edited by Patrick Parrinder and John S. Partington
  • Charles Stross: Queen of Candesce, by Karl Schroeder
  • Sara Wasson: Futures From Nature: 100 Speculative Fictions From the Pages of the Leading Science Journal, Edited by Henry Gee
  • Sue Thomason: The Outback Stars, by Sandra McDonald
  • Ben Jeapes: In War Times, by Kathleen Ann Goonan
  • Paul Raven: Brasyl, by Ian McDonald
  • Darrell Schweitzer: The Lost District and Other Stories, by Joel Lane
  • Paul Kincaid: Cowboy Angels, by Paul McAuley