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Current issue 124

Paul March-Russell: editorial
Special Section: In More's Footsteps - Utopia and Science Fiction
Paul Kincaid, Utopia in Context
Nika Setek: More's Legacy of Leisure in Dystopian Science Fiction
David Seed: Debating Colonization in Austin Tappen Wright's Islandia
Selena Middleton: Utopia and the Colonized Pastoral: Africa, Myth and Blackness in Greg Bear's Queen of Angels
Ivaylo R. Shmilev: From a Galactic War to a Hydrogen Sonata: Warfare and Ethics in the Culture Novels of Iain M. Banks
Anindita Banerjee: From Fallout Fantasy to Bunker Bildungsroman: Nuclear Imagination after Utopia
Zoran Zivkovic: The Fourfold Library (3): Arthur C. Clarke
Rhys Williams: Weird Counsels: The Critic & the Critics
Paul March-Russell: Maria Lassnig
Conference Reports
Krzysztof Maj: Fictional Maps
Thomas Knowles and Charlotte Newman: Philip K. Dick Day 2016
Paul March-Russell: CRSF / SFRA 2016
Book Reviews
Jeremy Brett: Aliette de Bodard, The House of Shattered Wings
Maia Clery: Carolyn Ives Gilman, Dark Orbit
Emma Filtness: John Connolly and Jennifer Ridyard, Conquest
Rose Harris-Birtill: David Mitchell, Slade House
Carlos Hernandez: Augustin de Rojas, A Legend of the Future and Yoss, A Planet for Rent
Nick Hubble: Gwyneth Jones, The Grasshopper's Child
Joe Norman: Gary Gibson, Extinction Game
Salvatore Proietti: Francesco Verso, Livid
Andy Sawyer: Laurence A. Rickels, Germany: A Science Fiction
Allen Stroud: Dave Hutchinson, Europe in Autumn