Science Fiction But Not As You Know It

We and our members were actively involved with the extremely successful exhibition and programme of events during the summer (20th May to 20th September) of 2011 at The British Library, Science Fiction But Not As We Know It.

The SFF and its people were involved in the exhibition itself and many of the events associated with it. 


Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley wrote the book to accompany the Exhibition. Mike has been a member of the SFF since its creation.


John Clute

Some of the books in the exhibition at the British Library came from John's private library. John is one of the founders of the SFF, and has been a Trustee since we became a Charity in 1994.

John talked with Brian Aldiss, Michael Moorcock and Norman Spinrad on a panel on 21st June.


Neil Gaiman

Neil is a Patron of the SFF. He joined Farah Mendlesohn, Peter F. Hamilton, Rachel Armstrong and Kari Sperring on a panel on 4th September.


Farah Mendlesohn

Farah is a Trustee of the SFF, and with Andy Sawyer organises our Conferences and Masterclasses. She was Editor of Foundation from 2002-07, and Chair of the SFF from 1998 to 2004. She took part in a number of events on the British Library Programme.



Andy Sawyer

Andy, who is the Science Fiction Foundation Librarian, was the Guest Curator of the British Library Exhibition. Some of the books in the exhibition at the British Library came from the SFF library at the University of Liverpool.




Graham Sleight

As Editor of Foundation, the International Review of Science Fiction, Graham is a key member of the SFF Committee. He chaired a panel on the legacy of Robert Holdstock with Donald Morse, Paul Kincaid, Lisa Tuttle and Steve Baxter on 2nd September.


Francis Spufford

Francis, who is a Trustee of the SFF, appeared on the programme.